The Urgency of Normal physician group is part of a pattern

Taylor Nichols, MD
5 min readFeb 2, 2022


These groups are leveraged by right-wing dark money propaganda networks seeking to create wedge culture war issues to gain political power

Do people realize that the anti-mask narrative and #UrgencyOfNormal toolkit is using children as pawns in a far right-wing fight to take over control of school boards? This was never actually about vaccines, masks, or quarantine, about CRT or students. This is about politics.

Here’s a thread of resources taking a deeper look at this topic.

Some articles on the groups behind these school debates:

This goes back to the Council for National Policy and the plans to reach broadly to control every level of political influence. This one is truly worth understanding:

Important to understand the role of contrarianism, regardless of basis in fact, to sow doubt and dissent.

There’s a reason these movements and conspiracy theories have all coalesced within the political right wing. These are well-coordinated and well-funded disinformation networks:

Bringing this back to the #UrgencyofNormal with this excellent piece by Kiera Butler:

A response to the #UrgencyofNormal discussing the push back, the privilege and lack of equity behind these messages, and addressing the misinformation in the toolkit:

I’m sure that people will come into my comments and suggest that this is just some sort of ad hominem attack (it’s not, because that’s not how as hominem works) and that this. doesn’t address how this minority of physicians is factually incorrect. I’ve directly addressed this and also offered a reasonable plan given current evidence.

I plan to write more about how we could eventually achieve these goals on a realistic and evidence-based metric, but I fear the doubt these groups are creating will make even that difficult.

Here’s a thread of excellent threads addressing the misinformation and providing better evidence:

A couple threads from Dr. Tyler Black, an expert on the topic of adolescent mental health as a psychiatrist and suicide researcher:

From the champion of addressing misinformation himself David Gorski:

Exactly why the “anti-mask” combined with “keep schools open at all costs” message does not make sense according to the evidence: MASKS HELP KEEP SCHOOLS OPEN.

Here’s the linked article:

A couple threads on these right wing operations:

As for for the folks commenting to tell me that this isn’t a partisan issue, I’m sorry but the data disagrees:

Original Twitter thread:



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